Tuesday, March 17, 2009

more TVA harassment video number 5 I think

On March 15th students with Mountain Justice Spring Break drove around to photograph and document the TVA ash disaster. They were immediately provided with an armed escort which followed them around everywhere. TVA apparently filed a notice to the students university that they students trespassed on tva property, protested, refused to give their names--etc.

Watch for yourself. All the TVA police did not interact with the students much at all--one TVA officer talked to them--they mainly followed them around with their black tinted glass suvs.

Free armed guard to students. Reports have it that TVA took down their guard shack on swan pond road that matt got arrested for driving past.



John Galt's on Strike said...

The TVA Security guy treated these kids fairly and with respect. What's your gripe. Try that stunt in Russia, China or North Korea and neither the video nor their smelly bodies would have surfaced again. These kids need to get back in school and learn something about the world other than this useless environmental propoganda.

Chris Irwin said...

No what TVA did was file a complaint to an officer at the school these students attended saying that they ran from the TVA cops--a complete lie--with other lies. The ESTU officer dutifully took notes on everything TVA said they did on the video you saw--lies upon lies. Why did students get a constant armed escort? We live in America--that should be offensive to all true Americans. Its its because real americans are not afraid to stand up to authority we are not like other countries. Though with all the government video cameras going up everywhere we seem to be determined to catch up--that a blowhards like you that listen to much Rush lardball.

Anonymous said...

All the TVA police did not interact with the students much at all--one TVA officer talked to them.
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