Monday, August 24, 2009

UMD, Mountain Justice, and Three Rivers Earth First! organize the Mobilization for Clean Air July 26, 2009

TVA has been polluting the air of more than 7 states across the Southeast with filthy coal for more than 50 years now and it is time to stop them! Residents from across East Tennessee and Appalachia converged on Knoxville, TN to show their support for clean air and to tell TVA to stop burning coal. We had speakers from Knoxville, Roane County, and Eagan, TN. There were musical performances, poets, street theater, larger than life puppets, and a drum corp called Cakalak Thunder that all added to the energy of the event. The rally was followed by a lively march around the TVA towers and through downtown Knoxville. TVA is the largest public utility purchasing coal in North America and they should use this leadership role to move toward renewable energy generation and phase out old coal burning powerplants. We made a video about the Sunday action and here it

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