Thursday, January 1, 2009

data from first round of testing

Press release from Appalachian Voices

United Mountain Defense has stated that unlike TVA we will be as transparent as possible and make our methods and test available to the residents whose lives have been impacted first-- rather than forth or fifth-- as they have been treated by TVA.

We do wonder though why it is a tiny non profit like ours can round up new samples, get data (with allot of help from friends) and make it quickly available to the general public while a big utility seemingly cannot.

UMD welcomes and invites scrutiny of the test we report. We are using several independent labs and scientists and will have more test data from all over the site available about once a week.

This is the first of that data.

Thank you so much Appalachian Voices for answering our call for help and science literally days after xmas while many were on holiday. Thank you to everyone, especially the local impacted community--for your acceptance and help in this project.

Data of first App Voice samples

Press release from Appalachian Voices

"High levels of toxic heavy metals are present in samples taken from the Kingston Fossil Plant ash spill in Harriman, TN, independent testing shows."

"Concentrations of eight toxic chemicals range from twice to 300 times higher than drinking water limits, according to scientists with Appalachian State University who conducted the tests."

From press release

Video of sample trip.

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Dusty said...

Thank you for posting all this vital information. I will be using it in my blog post on this subject, with a link back of course.