Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jan 13 2009 heavy metal clinic 2

UMD found out that apparently there is a window from which after initial exposure to arsenic and heavy metals will no longer appear in the blood, urine etc. UMD found out about this window and put together a clinic with a professional lab to come and draw blood, nails, etc. The nails set a baseline for exposure in the previous two months which is important as well.In 3 days the enviro community kicked down $13,000 to make sure that families already damaged economically by their land values plummeting and unexpected disaster related expenses would not have to be further burdened by having to come up with $500 for test. TVA did not contribute a thin dime.

As of today TVA has offered no free comprehensive medical examinations for heavy metal exposure to the impacted residents of its disaster.

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