Sunday, January 4, 2009

heavy metal screening for residents of Harriman

Everyone--apparently there is a window on heavy metal and arsenic screening for people. At the community meeting we had last night we had a Ph.d from Penn talk about this window. A Nashville Chemist who was there immediately offered to help set up immediate screening for the residents of swan pond and others in the effected area. When we asked up we had over 20 folks ask for testing.

Its going to cost about $700 per person. TVA should pay for this test--they should be DOING these test--but they are not--so we are trying to organize it. Actually we are going to send a bill to TVA for all of our testing cost so far. CEO Kilgore did promise to pay for all the needed testing--we are going to submit a bill to TVA but need cash now.

Hair follicle, nails--full test. This is really important in that it sets baselines for some exposure and will also tell who has been exposed to what in 7 days.

HEEELLLPPPPPP! UMD is a scrappy non profit that resist strip mining in the Appalachians--we are way out of our budget on this.

The non profit community is pretty much tapped from all the testing of the actual sludge that spilled. Its about 14k we need for this testing.

To help we advise local residents to go to primary physicians and have them write a letter prescribing this testing--if you have insurance this will help.

The folks who live in this area have been economically devastated by this disaster. There land values are now non existent, they now have to pay for city water, their work schedule is blown and they are having to pay for tons of unexpected cost. UMD is asking for help so the 700 bucks for this isn't yet another burden for them to bare.

Why does our little enviro non profit have to scrape up cash for basic medical evaluations of the exposed victims to this disaster? Why hasn't these test been done three times already with more testing weekly?

At least when Katrina totaled New Orleans help eventually came.

If you have any ideas or can help pay this email

We don't want to touch a penny of it--you can pay the lab tech yourself.

If all we can pay for is one person that one person will get tested.

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AlexBlackwelder said...

I will be visiting the area tomorrow or the next day to begin gathering stories, photos of the event. If there is anything in particle you guys want help with photographically, please contact me. I have the tools to create multimedia slideshow with photographs and audio.

good luck

alex blackwelder