Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Test results are in!

Hey yall,

We just got the results in from a certified local lab of two days of testing wells, water--the river and the sludge.

UMD is matching the sample numbers with the exact sample location. We also have sent it to out of state scientist to prepare statements as to what it means.

We are shooting to release it tomorrow. Before we send it to any press or anyone else we will put it out on the list we set up for residents who have been effected--then we will post it to roane views--then we will put it on this blog--then we will release it to the media as is our policy to make all of our information available to the residents first.

We will get it to the residents first--but we are double checking everything so we don't release inaccurate facts.

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zRants said...

Link to related maps:,-84.50859&spn=0.374844,0.451447&source=embed