Monday, January 26, 2009

Widows Creek data

Here is the raw data from the samples we took at widows creek the day of and day after the spill.

Hey Chris, The EPA's Safe Drinking Water Act standards are here:

I don't know what levels of protection widows creek is afforded in Alabama, but based on the SDWA, the Thallium (2 ug/L) is in violation as is the Aluminum (50 - 200 ug/L). Aluminum is a secondary standard which is non-enforceable because they "cause cosmetic effects (such as skin or tooth discoloration) or aesthetic effects (such as taste, odor, or color) in drinking water."

The Arsenic is over the Goal level, but not the enforceable limits. I think that's it, but it's worth a double and triple check.

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