Saturday, December 27, 2008

Council Meeting in Kingston Sunday

City Council meeting sunday at 430 pm. at the
Kingston Community Center. all invited and it's obviously about the spill.
there's a council person , Brant Williams, who is speaking out too..should
be interesting.


BB said...
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jfx said...

Please videotape the meeting if possible. Thanks for your work.

agahran said...

Hi, Chris. Thanks for the heads-up, since this meeting is not mentioned on the city's web site yet.

By any chance, do you use Twitter? Many people there have been sharing news and info related to the Harriman TN dam breach. If you use Twitter, I encourage you to post (tweet) this meeting and other news, and include in your posts this string: #coalash

...That's a hashtag, which people on twitter are using to aggregate news and content about this environmental disaster. Including that in your tweets on this topic will make you very easy to find.

Looking forward to your coverage and updates!

- Amy Gahran