Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First round of independant test results

Hey I wrote today that we had some test results--it was premature.

I spoke with the folks who tested the samples and they are being good scientist and adhering to protocol. They have a Ph d. who reviews the results and they make sure of all the results and protocol before releasing results that can be completely depended on. Upon chatting with them I realized impatient as I am for independent data that I prefer for good science practices to speed.

We have been assured that the moment the results are verified to release them to UMD first so we can post them to this blog.

Our intention is to make this information available to the residents of Swan Pond road and the surrounding effected residents BEFORE the media and TVA. The folks who have dealt with this disaster have been the last to know to many times and UMD is committed to letting them be the first for once.

The folks conducting the test are in agreement with this philosophically.

So we beg everyones patience while the results are verified. We fully expect for the environmental communties samples to be closely examined--and intend to present them for full inspection.

All next week we should be getting results from a Knoxville lab as well--those results will be posted once they are processed as well.


Creekkeeper said...

I took this photo I believe. It is the intake canal to the TVA plant. The turbidity curtain is covering TVA intake but no such precaution was taken on the Emory River,
allowing the ash plume to progress downstream.

John L. Wathen,
Hurricane Creekkeeper

in-search-of-life said...

I have water samples I am sending off to test as well. I still can't believe what I saw when I was there the 26 of December. Thank God for the folks like you who care. TVA never has and never will. Thanks for this!!!