Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Protest TVA

On December 5th an bunch of angry elves along with Santa and helpers hauled years of backlog coal into the headquarters of the Tennessee Valley Authorities headquarters.

TVA is the largest purchaser of coal in North America--if not the planet and Santa apparently got allot of letters from children asking for his help in Knoxville.

The letters to Santa read were from sad children who could not go outside and play sometimes because of days were it is literally unhealthy to breathe in Knoxville.

Santa read letters from children sad that to many of their grandparents die slow deaths of extended aphixation while lugging around bottled oxygen.

Santa read childrens letters complaining that mountains are being blown up to get at that coal. The children said they felt that the drinking water was important and that they liked playing in the forest.

Santa looked up the executives of TVA and dropped off a few pounds of coal and switches to put TVA on notice that Santa was pissed.

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e=MC2 said...

do use electricity supplied by TVA to run your computers and recharge the batteries of your video camera?

shame on you