Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 12 2008 4pm Santa gives coal to TVA coal exec

On dec 12 2008 at 4pm while Santa and his elves were dancing and singing TVA sent out one of their head PR people Gill Francis. Mr. Francis wanted to meet and negotiate with Santa but he was to busy and took a number. After finishing the dance Santa had his head elf called Mr. Francis to come back out and negotiate. When Mr. Francis appeared slightly out of breath Santa said he was sorry and put coal and switches in Mr. Francis hands saying "This is the least favorite part of my job Mr. Francis--but TVA has been veerrrrry naughty." As Mr. Francis stormed off Santa and his elves resumed dancing. This brings the count up to.

1. The entire full board of TVA.
2. TVAs head receptionist.
3. Gill--one of TVAs head PR people.
4. The 50 or so TVA employees that have walked by Santa and heard the message.

Santa thinks TVA may be finally getting it. Ho ho ho.

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