Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Local Residents need disposable cell phones for emergencies

Dear folks,

About 50 residents near Swan Pond Cirlce Rd won't have phone service for 6 weeks according to the local phone utility. They are coal ash impacted residents and they can't call the TVA impacted citizen hotline or call their friends or family. There are elderly residents who can't get out much and they have no way to know what is happening other than through speaking with United Mountain Defense volunteers. If you could please donate a working cell phone with minutes to a coal impacted resident please contact us.
The cheapest cell phones that we found were at Walmart. They were $10 for the phone and up to $90 for unlimited phone minutes. United Mountain Defense will deliver these phones to the coal impacted residents.

Please send phones to United Mountain Defense P.O. Box 20363 Knoxville, TN 37920

Thank you for your time,

Matt Landon full time volunteer staff person for United Mountain Defense

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Robert said...

Please do not compound the problem of this tragedy by doing business with the corporate criminal Walmart when you buy these phones. The reason they are the least expensive is because they routinely screw their employees and they exploit slave labor in China and other countries.