Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dec 22, 2008 4pm TVA Ash Pond Failure and resulting Valley Fill

The members, volunteers, and volunteer staff of United Mountain Defense were sorry to learn of the man-made disaster that TVA brought to the residents of Roane County. We understand the importance of the situation and that is why we have had volunteers on the ground since day 1. The following is an section of a report back from day 1. It was not meant to be disrespectful to the tragedy that occurred, the author was in as much shock as the coal impacted residents of Harriman and Kingston. Santa appeared because he had been protesting TVA for weeks leading up this disaster.

"The flood that happened this morning at 1am was pretty horrific. Santa flew down there to Harriman at 4pm just as the after work crowds of sightseers were beginning to increase. He met a lady and her daughter that had had their house flooded away as he was passing out flyers and Tennessee Mountain Defender newspapers. He asked how he could help and she said her husband worked for TVA and thought it may cause more problems than help. Santa also learned that only one person or family had shown up at the Red Cross shelter.

So the media was very weird, most of the stories were happening from the air in helicopters. The little media that was on the ground did not seem very interested that Santa was there to protest TVA. Santa spoke with the Tennessean journalist and photographer and distributed info to them. Santa grabbed a coal ash sludge sample but didn't see anyone else grabbing samples. He then proceeded back to the other media stronghold on TVA property and blasted them with the bullhorn to make sure that they knew Santa was watching and had seen how naughty TVA had been this year. All of this was caught on video so keep your eyes peeled for the latest Santa update. Santa is headed back down there tomorrow to figure out what else is going on. "

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