Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec 11 2008 Santa Action TVA headquarters Chattanooga

New from the North Pole!!

Santa has been released from the clutches of TVA in Chattanooga TN after being detained with out milk and cookies. Santa was issued a warning citation for delivering switches and coal to the board of TVA at their quarterly meeting. The bad children did not like their stocking and ordered a trespass notice against Santa stating that he will be arrested if he enters any TVA property again this Christmas.

Santa says “I am depending on all the little activist elves to deliver more coal to federal agencies in hopes to influence the first 100 days of president elect Obama administration through the newly appointed agency heads. This new administration must make stopping strip mining and addressing the destructive impact of coal on Santa’s children its first priority.”

“New people are preparing to take over these federal agencies and it is through actions like this we can create a wave that influences how they act in those first critical days of a new administration. Ho Ho Ho.”

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